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The Potager Santé offers fresh garlic in July. This garlic as its name indicates is fresh, green and can be eaten, like a green onion, with the stem.

At the end of August, we offer cured garlic for preservation sold in bulk by the pound. A pound is roughly about 10 bulbs and each bulb holds between four to seven cloves.

Fresh garlic scapes are harvested at the end of June, before the flowers bloom, thus maximizing bulb development. Garlic scapes are eaten cooked, cooled, lightly steamed (like asparagus or green beans), chopped, and in soup or in sauce. They have a light garlic taste and can be kept in the fridge for more than a month.

We also offer certain processed and frozen organic products, like garlic purée, scape purée and a pesto of garlic scape, white beans, olive oil and parmesan. These products allow you to enjoy our garlic year round.

Products we offer:

Superior quality garlic

$13 per pound Music strain, for consumption or plantation. Sold in bulk.

Quantity :

Fresh garlic scapes

$17 for 10 fresh organic garlic scapes Fresh organic garlic scapes.

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Frozen garlic purée

$3.5 per bulb Containers of frozen organic garlic purée.

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Purée of garlic scape, almond, white bean and olive oil

$3.5 per bulb Purée of garlic scape, almond, white bean and olive oil. Similar to a pesto, this organic purée is a mix of garlic scape, almond, white bean, parmesan and olive oil.

Quantity :

Ail de qualité supérieure variété Purple Haze

$3.5 per bulb The Purple Haze garlic is from the rocambole family (of the soft neck type). It can more easily be treaded. Its purple stripes and its smoky taste make it an interesting garlic. It is cultivated in the Colorado region since the thirties.

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Ail de qualité supérieure variété Chesnok Red

$3.5 per bulb L’ail de la famille des purple stripe devient sucré lorsqu’on les cuit. C’est avec cette famille que l’on fait des desserts à base d’ail. La chesnok red possède 9 calleux par bulbes et le parchemin adhère bien au calleux. Cet ail, originaire de la République Georgienne, se conservera 5 à 6 mois.

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Ail de qualité supérieure variété Persian Star

$3.5 per bulb Cet ail originaire du bazar de Samarkand, en Uzbekistan possède des calleux allongés avec de belles rayures mauves et lavandes. Sa saveur est modérément épicée et on retrouve de 8 à 10 calleux par bulbes. On la fait pousser dans les climats plus doux. Elle résiste donc moins au froid.

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We offer postal delivery for green and cured garlic and fresh garlic scapes at Canada Post rates. Frozen products cannot be shipped by mail, and unfortunately are only available to those in the Outaouais region.

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